Saturday, 17 September 2011

WPS Shootout

Thanks for attending the WPS Shootout. The slides are available below:

You should be able to click through and download the presentation if needed (perhaps your browser is modest and does not approve of flash).


  • The slides have been updated to reflect the questions asked during the presentation
  • The tests results are directly available from the slides by clicking on the *conformance* links

If you would like to skip the talking bit and go straight to the good bits I have dragged out the following slides.


You can review the request/response for PyWPS:In this case the results show an small mistake which we expect will be fixed shortly.


You can review the request/response for deegree:


You can review the request/response for 52N.
  • XMLSpy shows 100% success
  • waiting on the test script fix


You can review the request/response for Zoo-Project:


There are no Request / Response samples for GeoServer.


There are no test results as the constellation project (as it under development).

Happy Trails

We will be packaging up these results as a "white paper" for OSGeo; thank you for your support and encouragement in 2011.

Until then "Happy Trails!"


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