Sunday 12 September 2010

OSGeoLive Lightening Overview

I am trying out slideshare as an easy way to share the OSGeoLive Lightening Overview; I will update this post when I find a website to actually store these slides on (any idea if FOSS4G 2010 website will host them?)
I would like to thank everyone who came to FOSS4G this year; especially those who sponsored the event or setup a booth. We spend a lot of time thanking the various development communities, user communities, education community, and conference organisers - all with good reason. A big thank you to the event and project sponsors for facilitating all that we do.

Saturday 11 September 2010

foss4g 4 codesprint

  • live dvd translation directories getting organised (yah!)
  • udig moved to git
  • udig moved to geotools 2.7 (on some kind of git shadow thing)
  • geotools data store tutorial re-started as a CSV tutorial using Content DataStore

Thursday 9 September 2010

foss4g 3.2

Whew; first presentation of the afternoon WPS session was a tough one. Presentation compared the wps implementation (similar to my WPS Testing) using several clients:
  • deegree xml client, 52 deegree xml client
  • 52North plugin (for JUMP and uDig)
  • 52North Open Layers app
  • XMLSpy (for xml compliance)
And the results were not pretty; really hoping we can have a WPS shootout next year.

I really liked seeing the number of WPS clients listed in the presentation; very exciting.

I found the various implementations very helpful when I signed up to the mailing lists; they provided test servers and were good and answering my xml questions etc...

Second presentation is from deegree.

foss4g 3

Going to get out of order a bit. WPS track this morning was great! And I was so sad to miss the WPS BOF yesterday.

52N was amazing with a open layers + graphical workflow layout browser app (that defines a new process that can be executed). Both GeoServer and 52N had running demos (which is always brave); ZooWPS went through the structure of their project and seem to be taking on more languages in the future.

The big news for me was the creation of a vendor neutral public email list via the OGC for WPS instances to collaborate. One of the results of the OGC WPS test bed I participated in this year was the lack sanity for a client application trying to connect and communicate with each.  Indeed you are reduced to GeoJasn because GML requires 2 execution paths (one for schema and one for the data conforming to the schema).

I hope to set up a WPS dinner this evening; thus far GeoServer and 52N are represented; I need to hunt down Zoo project and others...

Tuesday 7 September 2010


Barcelona is off to a great start with the workshops wrapping up today (there was even a bus to gather up wayward developers; there heads stuffed full of new ideas; and herd them to the conference venue proper).

Thanks to Oscar Fonts (and the many volunteers on hand) for a smooth workshop experience.

I started off with the Geospatial for Java workshop, it was an honour to be the only traditional programming workshop in the program. Nice to keep some programming in the mix since this is an open source conference. The workshop went smoothly, in part thanks to the on site support of OpenGeo staff Justin DeOlivera and Andrea Aimie.

This afternoon I am looking forward to the OSGeo Live Lightening Overview - it was great to learn about the many new projects available on this years DVD. With a total of 44 project there is a diverse range represented including a new category of software: Disaster Relief.

In a couple more minuets the opening session will start; I am writing this in the OSGeo booth watching people flock to 52 North (they updated to a new version of GeoTools finally) and OpenGeo (they have t-shirts by product).