Monday 25 February 2013

OGC and lowering the bar of implementation

I have a couple blog posts up on the LISAsoft website of an OGC nature:

  • OWS 9 and WMS 1.3.0 Adoption: OWS9 is now complete (with an impressive $2.65 million from sponsors answered with $5 million in-kind from industry). For my part I was able to look at Daniel Morissette's excellent advise not to upgrade to WMS 1.3.0 and start attacking the source of the problem - restoring trust in WMS clients.
  • OGC Struggling to Reach out to Implementors: Last week saw a great example of tough love for the GeoPackage standard. Carl Reed is doing the right thing and taking work like OWS Context to the list for review. I had a look and while I am impressed with the level of "reuse" shown, I am concerned with the amount of work (and risk of mistakes) being fostered on client authors.
The common theme here is that OGC takes care of services pretty darn well (this makes sense as it is often what sponsors of events such as OWS9 are willing to pay for). In reaching for a larger audience of client applications the standards body really needs to step up its game and work hard on communication, simplification and lowering the bar of implementation.

I am heading to the AusNZ OGC meeting this week to discuss OWS10 - it will be interesting to see where the priorities are.

Friday 8 February 2013

LocationTech Announcement

LocationTech has officially gone live, after a good year of planning and ramp-up. Congratulations to all involved. I have a small write up on the LISAsoft website (with links to news articles as I find them).