Friday 30 April 2010

Unbuntu 10.04 VmWare Fusion missing keyboard

So this issue has been reported in a couple of places, Unbuntu 10.04 is not playing nicely with VmWare Fusion. As I understand it the keyboard is set to something that does not exist - making it very hard to login to.

Once you do manage to login everything works as normal; and you can configure the correct keyboard using:
  • sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
How you login to begin with.
  1. Click on your user name
  2. Click on the accessibility symbol; it brings up a dialog from which you can choose a visual keyboard
  3. The keyboard flashes on the screen ... and disappears!
Here is the trick; it will work the next time you reboot! Restart your VM; this time when you turn on the visual keyboard it will stay up - and you can login; from there a visit to the shell will allow you to "console-setup" and life will go on.

So far Unbuntu 10.04 is very purple and the windows work well along side the mac.