Wednesday 13 March 2013

Documentation Updates

Primary purpose of this blog is capturing the ebb and flow of the projects I am involved in ... and remind myself to update the documentation.


In response to the OSGeo board approving a Contribution License agreement for the foundation an update to the GeoTools developers guide was in order:

Thanks to Frank and Andrea for the review of these pages. It is my hope that having a contribution license available at the foundation level will help projects going through incubation. The documents themselves are a straight up port of the Apache Contribution licenses.

I also found "yet another page" predating our move to github:


The recent publication of GeoServer Beginner's Guide made for a great read, and a few links:

  • GeoServer (Website): updated to show off the book cover and link to the publishers website
  • GeoServer Beginner's Guide (LISAsoft): my review is published on the Company website.
Thank's Packt Publishing for promoting open source and Stefano Iacovella, Brian Youngblood for a handy intro.

Monday 4 March 2013

GeoServer OSGeo Feedback

Last week I had a chance to pass on a bit of writing about the OGC and communicating with developers.

This week the selection is  a bit more on topic:

And file these as interesting distractions:
  • GeoNext in Pictures (Google+ Album): I had a great time and will write up a few of the discussions real soon now. Meanwhile have look at what was a great event! Updated: the official conference gallery is now up.
  • ColorBrewer: Thanks to Anita Graser for pointing out a version of colour brewer that does not require flash!