Tuesday 23 July 2013

GeoServer 2.4 Beta

My series on making the 2.4-beta release concludes today:

There was an impressive showing of work, testing, translation and dedication. Excellent work by all involved.

Postscript - GeoServer 2.3.3 downloads
GeoServer 2.3.3 sees a pretty even split between platforms (where the platform independent bin and war archives can be run on linux, mac or windows).

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Counting Features

Had a bit of fun explaining FeatureSource.getCount( Query ) on IRC.

Here is the code example:
    Query query = new Query("countries", CQL.toFilter("REGION = 3") );
    int count = featureSource.getCount( query );
    if( count == -1 ){
        count = featureSource.getFeatures( query ).size();

Why the difference? The first one checks the header (or index) if such a thing exists. The second one checks the content.

Docs harmed in the making of this post:

Monday 8 July 2013

weekly update

Fairly quiet week on the documentation front -- for now.

GeoTools 10 beta Incoming

The GeoTools 6 month release cycle is coming to a close - with a beta due out towards the middle of this month. As such large contributions of code are coming out of the wood work and landing on the master branch.
Since this is a documentation blog I am going to limit my enthusiasm to the excellent documentation Andrea has including with each pull request - thanks!

For the full details of some pretty cutting edge work you will need to wait for Andrea to write a blog post.

uDig LocationTech Migration

I have been busy working away on the uDig project, backed by some excellent help from the Eclipse Foundation, and encouragement from the uDig community.
uDig Progress
For more information check out my entry on the LISAsoft company blog: uDig Project LocationTech Migration Update

OSGeo Incubation

The OSGeo Incubation Committee has transitioned from IRC meetings every couple of months to being an email-only affair. As such I have struggled as committee chair with a way to keep committee activities visible, public and motivated.
It turns out one of my responsibilities as chair is to report to the board periodically. Perfect!
With that in mind I am going to issue a report each quarter, and have started the draft for 2013 Q3.
Also a tip of the Landon who has used this as an opportunity to check in with OSGeo Lab projects. Thanks!