Saturday 17 September 2011

WPS Personality Gérald Fenoy

I would love to tell you more about my co-presenter / organiser for the wps-shootout - Mr. Gérald Fenoy. Only trouble is I cannot find him. Why is this you ask? Well I think it comes down to Zoo-Project being very social.

The Zoo-Project is easily the most widely dispersed in terms of development teams located around the world. As a consequence of this they have done an amazing amount of promotion of the Web Processing Service standard and really raised the profile of WPS internationally. Their project is also very inviting allowing process developers to work with their choice of languages; with the result being served up from an engine written in C++.

What I can do instead is describe some of the hard work he has done for the wps-shoot out. When I manage to upload the slides from the wps-shootout you can get a sense of the effort Gérald has gone to by clicking on the "links" in the test results as shown below.

The website pages list all the checks performed; and give you a chance to review the request/response and any validation problems encountered.

Thank you Gérald for making this years wps-shootout a success.

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