Sunday 4 September 2011

Revised Blogger (was GeoTools 8.0-M1 Released with Docs)

Hey wait google changed blogger - to look like a Google application! While they describe it as "clean" it looks more like the colour vampire that struck OSX Lion has attacked blogger draining all the life out of it. We will see how it goes on the usability front shortly...

As a result of checking out revised Blogger - I turned up the following post that was still lurking in draft (I often write notes about what is cool in a release while I wait for the build / deploy / test cycle - and it took so long to get the GeoTools 8.0-M1 release out that I never returned to publish it).

Earlier this morning I got to announce the GeoTools 8.0-M1 release. Because this is a Milestone release you will notice a lot more activity than usual. By the time stable releases are made the party is over and the whole point is to change as little as possible).

So much of what has gone into this release deserves its own blog post. In keeping with the theme of this blog here are the documentation links where you can learn more:

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As noted above there is a big push to get the OSGeo Live project out next week; kudos to Cameron Shorter for communicating directly with project leads in order to get the word out. I don't know how many things I have missed because they were sent to the OSGeo discussion email list.

Although this blog does list documentation updates as they happen; I have found it easier to use twitter to ask for reviews as they are written; or if you are brave jody+.

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Jody Garnett said...

This is a test comment in order to determine how far the google plus, buzz and blogger integration has come.