Tuesday, 13 September 2011

WPS Personalty Jachym Cepicky

This afternoon I managed to hunt down Jachym Cepicky best known as the author of PyWPS.

I had a great time talking to him; and plotting the wps shootout. A couple really good ideas came out of the conversation.

  • He was able to look into the existing OpenLayers code for parsing a WPS Capabilities document for me
  • I made a bit of a discovery - he has been working on the WPS client side of the fence with a Javascript client.
  • Some interesting history into the PyWPS project
  • Some strong words about raster support in WPS being where the real heavy lifting is to be found
I was overjoyed to find another developer who (although separated by a Java vs Javascript divide) could talk about he experience of working as a general WPS client trying to avoid any server specific assumptions.

If you are interested in learning more, and some of the suggestions we have for working on your WPS client code; stop by the WPS Bird of a Feather Session Wednesday at 5pm. You can sign up on the wiki link if you would like to take part and add to the list of ideas.