Saturday 17 September 2011

WPS Personality Bastian Schäffer

Another WPS personality for the shootout this year is Bastian Schäffer. I actually had a bit of fun catching up with Bastian - and learned a bit about him and 52N as a company.

Bastian fell into this geospatial processing work in the course of his masters thesis at University of Muenster. He joined the 52N community in 2007 as they struggled with WPS 0.4 specification.

As an organisation 52N operates in collaboration with the university with a mandiate to push concepts and ideas into production. This launched Bastian into work with the OGC and he had many ideas on how the WPS specification could be improved in the future. I the wps-shoot experience can help highlight ways to improve interoperability.

I would like to thank Bastian for his participation / motivation / and help in making this years wps-shootout such a success.

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