Saturday 24 September 2011

Status of GeoTools

GeoTools had a strong showing at the FOSS4G conference last week; mostly in the form of presentations from downstream projects. I was pleased to put together a quick talk directly on the Status of GeoTools with Andrea providing much of the content; and Justin filling in for him during the talk.

The talk was a record 88 slides in 20 minuets (really it was a casual discussion about all the amazing work; with the slides providing more details for anyone interested). I encourage you to explore and learn of the fascinating capabilities; new developers who have joined the community; and active areas of research and development. If you download the presentation; or view the slides on slideshare; you can review the speaker notes which contain roughly the same story as was presented at FOSS4G.

I would like to thank Andrea (GeoSolutions) and Justin (OpenGeo) for their amazing contributions and for making this FOSS4G presentation a entertaining success.

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