Saturday 24 September 2011

WPS Personality Markus Schneider

One contributors to the WPS-Shootout that was not able to attend in person was Markus Schneider from the deegree project.

I have a small association with deegree acting as their mentor during OSGeo incubation. Indeed deegree is the only project taking part that sports the OSGeo stamp of approval.

In this case indicating the project has their open source license story in order and follow an open development process.

The recently released deegree 3 supports WPS giving them an opportunity to participate in this years shootout. I was able to catch up with Markus Schneider and ask him the same questions covered in the panel discussion.


Markus Schneider is part of the core deegree team; working at Occam Labs / lat/lon. He has been working as an open source geospatial developer for the last 10 years.

Q: Tell us about the deegree community?

Markus: Our mission is to provide an advanced and thorough implementation of OGC web services (WMS, WFS, CSW, WPS, WCS, SOS) and a geospatial base library that covers the relevant OGC standards (GML, SLD, SE, FE, ...). It's for those who seek a framework that doesn't stop at simple features and handles the complex stuff (e.g. complex application schemas) as well.

Q: What interested you in Web Processing Service?

Markus: Well... as often with OGC specs, I am "impressed" with the abundance of options that the specification team managed to put into it ;-) The most cool thing is probably that you can process the streamed output from other OGC services (e.g. WFS) and even pipe it through several WPS processes.

Q: Example of a deegree Success Story?

Markus: For instance, there's a comprehensive coordinate transformation service powered by deegree WPS out there (at the Central Basic Geodata Service for Germany).

Q: Shootout Results?

no comment!

Q: Anything else?

Marks: What we're really proud of is the almost 100% coverage of the standard and all options, as well as the scalability -- due to it's streaming architecture, there shouldn't be any general limits on the size of processed inputs/outputs.

Q: Future plans for deegree WPS?

Markus: deegree 3.1 is scheduled for October 2011 (currently we're at 3.1-pre-13). 3.1 will bring WFS 2.0 and other stuff, and the WPS got a new way of deploying processes without that need for restarting the whole webapp.

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