Tuesday 13 September 2011

OSGeo Live DVD

A really great moment today was getting handed the OSGeo Live dvd. I know passed on a couple of tweets asking for help with the QA process (as there was an amazing amount of hard work getting this ready and into people's hands for today).

I also finally got to meet some of the characters involved in its production; put a few faces to names; and more importantly faces to IRC handles (hi dbb). For anyone who is trying out the DVD from a mac you may need to look up the keyboard shortcuts. I always just hold down "option" when rebooting and choose the DVD (or just create a VM and run the DVD from that).

Another great thing to see is the live dvd being used in a workshop setting. I caught up with Bob Basques doing a bit of preperation into the well received GeoMoose workshop. In conversation with Bob Basques he mentioned how rewarding being involved in the OSGeo live project was; in particular the use of sphinx for the quickstart pages.

If you are not attending the conference (or have a few moments to read before showing up) please have a look over the quickstart pages for an excellent introduction to the projects on display this week.

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