Saturday 17 September 2011

the big party at foss4g

I did *not* take a camera with me - so no pictures to fall back on so I will have to paint the scene with words. The Denver Art Museum was a small pyramid embedded point first on the side of a large open square. As an art gallery goes it was an impressive display of shape over gravity.

The organisation was top notch with assistence provided in the form of a trail of yellow jacketed people providing direction.

It was really nice to have this as a party; rather than a sit down dinner as the level of conversation was excellent. Basically a "talk sprint" with beer. I caught people trying to draw index diagrams using gestures against a wall (an excellent post modern dance suited to the environment).

It was also great to meet up with users of uDig - sorry there were no talks I was not sure if I could come to FOSS4G this year!

On the way back many were hungry (this was a party and not dinner after all); so we dropped into the pub. Needless to say I won't have any pictures from this morning's keynotes.

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