Friday 4 March 2011

Foss4g 2011 seeing red

I keep being tempted by FOSS4G 2011 (it is after all a great experience).

However the website this year has me seeing "red".

Or not.

As many others around the world I am red green colour blind; or as I like to think of it red does not do much for me. Seeing a girl in a red dress will leave me seeing the girl (which is how it should be).

To help with this I have a couple of pictures (no not of  a girl). Note the technique of selecting the text in order to read it only works when the text is "text" (and not a picture).

And to help here is the same image in gray so you can git a feel for a reduced web palette.

Please continue with your regularly scheduled browsing experience.

And consider going to 

1 comment:

perrygeo said...

I'm in the same boat - its rarely an issue except for the contrast between those dark red and green hues. It's a pretty simple fix really. Don't get me started about the cartographic nightmare of dark red feature lines on forested aerial photograph base map....