Tuesday 22 February 2011

Resuming a build or checkout

I have recently converted the GeoTools developers guide to Sphinx:

I mostly focused on just porting the content that was there. There  are a couple interesting observations to be made when picking up a long running document on the Internet.

Back when that document was written (say 2003) the internet was a less consistently useful place. GeoTools with its habit of using new tools (maven!) new techniques (refactoring! testing!) and new ideas (factory pattern) was often needed to serve as an initial orientation for developers in addition to documenting the running of the project.

These days we would not bother to explain, after all stack overflow is a click away. (Update: apparently all the cool kids are on

Never the less I picked up a few build tips.

Restarting Build

Part of the joy of living in Australia is the consistently amusing weather. For hackers this can result a tendency for long running builds deploys or checkouts to be interrupted by fire or flood. Little did I know that the developers guide indicated how to restart a build.

More realistically it is nice to build with -o (for offline) in order to go a bit faster.

> mvn install -o -Dall
  (failure due to missing jar when building modules/library/data )
> mvn install -rf modules/library/data

Restarting GIT SVN
In a related note if you are using "git svn" and have your initial clone fail 1/2 way through. You can resume using git fetch:

> git svn clone
  (fail due to network connection dropping out)
> cd trunk
> git svn fetch

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