Sunday 6 April 2014

2014 Events

Upcoming Events

GeoRabble All Stars (April 7th)

If you are in Canberra for Locate14 conference stop by GeoRabble All Stars for a diverse lineup of speakers (and me). GeoRabble events are always a good time and registration is free. Thanks to LocationTech and Boundless for sponsoring.

Location Intelligence (May May 19-21)

If you are in Washington for Location Intelligence I will be helping out with one of the workshops and would love to see you there!

FOSS4G (Sept 8th-13th)

If you are in Portland for FOSS4G be sure to sign up now an register for workshops while there are spots open!

I will be attending with two workshops: A fun session on GeoServer Cartography and Styling for anyone who has struggled with SLD. For the developers out there I was finally brave enough to submit a GeoTools DataStore Workshop.

Past Events

GeoNext (Feb 26)

Sadly you have missed this one, but it was a really good (and thought provoking) single day event. There is something magical about high quality event that is over in a day, no loss of momentum!

Eclipse Developer Day Sydney (April 2)

An interesting introduction to Eclipse Foundation culture, with a bit of mapping on the side.

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