Tuesday 27 November 2012

The best thing I will write this week

I am having a great time being productive, with great progress on uDig, GeoServer and a local FOSS4G-AU un-conference.

However I missed something! The Incubation Committee has been very good about running bi-monthly meeting to collect status updates, discuss current applications, and double check projects that are ready to graduate.

And I neglected to call a meeting this month! Sad..

With that in mind, I have invited project mentors to send a status update email. Covering what progress a project is making, what are the next tasks they are looking at and if there is anything that can be done to help. Backed up by the following example:

Subject: Christmas Cheer Status Update

The Christmas Cheer project is proceeding well, the core team of eight reindeer are scheduled to make their Dec 25th release deadline. However there has been no progress on incubation tasks this quarter.

Actually we do have one small bit of progress to report Santa has kindly offered to act as project officer.

The development team has been wrestling with how to open source a key bit of scheduling software that contains a privacy sensitive white list (of who is naughty and nice). It looks like a technical solution is feasible, with information being contained on a server and an example configuration provided by the free software foundation used as a reference point for test cases.

The next task is hunting down release guidelines for the incubation checklist. The current build instructions are quite dated consisting primarily of poetry, and the team is evaluating alternatives (including Rake).

No further incubation progress is expected in December as the team is fully occupied with their current release. Progress on the data / code / documentation review has been inconsistent as the elves have gotten into the eggnog. We expect work to resume early February.

Although I am taking part of the developer list, there has been few actual questions.

Happy Holidays!

(Okay not the best writing you will read this week, only the best I am going to write)

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