Wednesday 14 November 2012

FOSS4G-AU Tomorrow

Alright then - with the annual conference missing in action this year, local chapters are taking matters into their own hands!

In Australia we are going for a low-key (well low organisation) approach with an "un-conference". The most famous un-confernece's is of course "Foo Camp" organised by O'Reilly. Paul Ramsey has had the "delight" of attending one of these (background reading if you like).

  1. RSVP here: FOSS4G-AU Unconference (Meetup)
  2. DIRECTIONS: QCAT facilities, CSIRO, Pullenvale QLD
  3. IDEAS:
Meetup Page showing where to RSVP and Directions

There is lots of good advice on how to run a successful un-conference, however I am going with a local source of wisdom dear to my heart. My lovely wife was part of the un-organising crew for a recent Library Camp and offers the following (from What IS an unconference?):

There aren’t really rules at an unconference, but if you need some guidelines, here they are:

1. If you’re dying to learn about something, there’s a good chance one of our delegates will be all over it. You don’t have to chair a session just because you suggested the topic.
2. Want to share your newfound knowledge or discuss a hot issue? Go for it! No papers, Prezis or PowerPoints are necessary.
3. Be considerate and allow others a chance to talk.
4. Listen.
5. If your session is going full-steam but runs overtime, consider moving the discussion to a neutral space. Alternately, arrange to continue the conversation after at the Pub.
6. Use the law of two feet – if you aren’t learning something in your current session, feel free to get up and move to a different room. No judging! :)

For our purposes we will start out with:
  • Whiteboard to collect ideas that people are interested in
  • three post-it notes each - to use as "votes" to short list topics
  • A bit of organisation over coffee to slot the results into a schedule
A couple of ideas for code-sprint work is shaping up:
Experience has shown successful teams prep a bit prior to a code sprint in order to make best use of their time.

The original plan was to hook up with the excellent GeoRabble crew which has been stirring up trouble in Brisbane this year.  Unfortunately they have been hijacked by a national "Geo Riot" and moved the date back to December 4th. You are of course strongly encouraged to sign up and attend for some good times, good people with a side of spatial serendipity.

This means I am open to suggestions for Pub (although recommend Archive).

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