Friday, 26 October 2012

State of GeoServer 2012

And now for the Latinoware 2012 presentation people actually came to see - the State of GeoServer 2012. Once again the content is CC by Attribution and build on earlier talks.

The talk raised a lot of questions, both directly after the talk and in the breaks between presentations. The questions all came down to catalog service web support - and what it means for GeoServer 2.3.

I also got to play the careful balancing act between representing GeoServer (as PSC) and representing the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (ie product neutral). There is still a lot of confusion around how to evaluate and select open source projects for an successful engagement.

The most appropriate course of action is to engage with the local community - a major strength of the OSGeo Chapter setup.

Once again the important status update is the release of GeoServer 2.2. This release was a long time coming and improves major headline features, and important changes under the hood.

Recent activities covered by the presentation:
  • Time Boxed Release once again this a deep change that will effect the developer community, our customers and how end users of the application work with GeoServer.
  • Catalog Service a very simple catalog service, used to publish the GeoServer contents out via CSW. This should allow for easy harvesting by full featured products such as GeoNetwork. The initial service is working, but I expect more funding will be required based on the enthusiasm shown online and at events like Latnioware.
  • Sensor Observation Service currently under construction
  • OSGeo Incubation

From Latinoware 2012
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