Monday 29 October 2012

OSGeo Incubation the Start of Something Spatial

This is my last Latinoware 2012 post (indeed the talk closed out the conference) and arguably the one I am most passionate about. While I am comfortable talking about GeoTools, GeoServer and the ambitious OSGeo Live project they are all concrete projects, you can sing your teeth into and see an obvious benefit.

But what about the Open Source Geospatial Foundation itself? There have been a number of very good takes on the value of Foundations in fostering open source:
We also have both the Eclipse Foundation and Apache Foundation are casting their eye towards engaging spatial. Raising the excellent question (which our board has been wrestling with) on where to take our Foundation in the years ahead.
My personal hopes is we can look for ways to collaborate, as our mandate is to foster open source spatial and not draw lines in the sand. We have a precedent with our projects making use of a range of hosting services, and this flexibility offers a real appeal for projects looking for a home.

OSGeo Incubation - Start of Something Spatial

This presentation is my take on the OSGeo and it is unabashed in its "pro project" viewpoint. The basic structure is taken from the OSGeo incubation checklist, but it is really a shout out to projects about the benefits of joining a Foundation (any a Foundation) and why OSGeo should be on their list.
The presentation runs through the expectations the Foundation for joining projects and gave me a chance to talk about what we are trying to accomplish (mostly with respect to trust).

LocationTech Teaser

As part of the User-friendly Desktop GIS (uDig) project I have been watching the LocationTech industry working group set up, and was able to offer a small teaser in anticipation of the group making
its formal debut. 

Latinoware 2012

Thanks for keeping pace with this week of Latinoware 2012 blog posts, normal service will resume shortly:
Once again thanks Latinoware 2012 for having me, and to Rafael Soto for facilitating. I would really like to see a FOSS4G held in the Brasil, especially given the excellent oragisation (and enthusiasm) shown at this event. 

Also thanks to my employer LISAsoft for giving me a a chance to write up my experience. If you are looking into open source spatial, give us a shout.

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