Tuesday 19 April 2011

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This blog is devoted to documentation; and today marks an interesting turn over point. Changing the User Guide link to point to generated content, and no longer point to the wiki. This is the second "oh that did not work out then" blog post for me this year.

The common thread for both these shifts is taking responsibility for project activities; and no longer relying on the good will of others.

In the case of the wiki, confluence was a great tool that offered really good integration with Jira (which is an excellent issue tracker). And I would like to thank CodeHaus for hosting these services for the project.

The difficulty is that Confluence (with many high profile projects on CodeHaus) became a target for automated attacks and vandalism (the good will of others indeed). Some of the heroic efforts CodeHaus took to combat these problems placed a burden on participation which severely curtailed community participation.

If you look at our page for edit instructions it currently has the following.

Everyone is welcome to edit this wiki; but we need to ask you to sign in first.

1. Sign up to Confluence
2. Sign up to CodeHaus
3. Confirm your Personal Details lists your Confluence Username from step one

You can now join the GeoTools project:

1. Navigate to the GeoTools Project
2. And click on Apply to join as a developer
3. You will need to wait for approval

And finally edit any page on this wiki:

1. To edit any page choose News Operations > Edit

For more information read up on Confluence and Documentation in our Developers Guide.

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Great post...Keep posted.Nice page..

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Comment: Posted by Alysia Douglas at Feb 14, 2011 22:57

Thanks Douglas, you are a pal.

On the bright side, taking the docs into the GeoTools source code, is looking like it will work out, developers are correcting information (that I gathered from the wiki), and it has already landed a volunteer.

It is my hope that buy making contributing to the documentation an svn activity; it will be a short hop from there into code contributions.

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