Saturday 17 October 2009


Okay here are some ideas to for food and coffee.

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The last requirement (internet) is a bit harder to come buy; I am currently entertaining a few earlier arrivals (Andrea and Andreas) with my local wifi. Apparently those using "3" from Europe can manage to continue service over here; internet dongles from Vodaphone have worked for previous visitors; but no good cheap solutions are available.

You can purchase internet at your hotel (but that is expensive - I paid $20 for 24 hours and went through the cap in 45 mins). Local "Macca's" (ie MacDonalds) and Starbucks sometimes offer free internet - but that is it.

The conference centre will be sorted as far as internet connections are concerned, but until then it will be difficult to check email etc. The good news is, everyone you want to send email to is here already (or delayed in the airport!).

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