Wednesday 18 September 2013

OpenGeo Suite Workshop

OpenGeo Suite workshop attendees got a sneak preview of the new company branding.  Jaun was on hand to provide the background on the change - new look, same great open source company.

This was also my first chance to attend the OpenGeo Suite workshop, as one of the many OpenGeo Boundless staff on hand keep things running smoothly.  Jeff Johnson provided a blistering pace, as is expected with so much to cover in only four hours.

Thanks to Matt and the conference organisers. The facilities were great, but I do have a couple of tips for those attending tomorrow. Bring a jumper or jacket (as the room was fairly cold) and try not to sit in the corner near the ventilation fans (as it is hard to hear over the noise).

As you can see above, the machines themselves were well equipped, and I really liked having the larger monitors (much larger then when renting equipment for a conference).

Thanks to everyone who attended!

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