Monday 31 October 2011

Brisbane Meetup of Aust-NZ OSGeo Chapter

In a fit of ill-advised post FOSS4G enthusiasm I set up a meetup page. In my defence it sounded like a lot of the fun to be had in open source spatial is happening at the OSGeo chapter level.
I was actually concerned that I was taking on too much; that whole feeling of throwing a party and wondering if anyone is going to show...
Turns out we had quite a crowd; and an excellent location looking over the Brisbane river:
Rather than try and provide a summary the first Brisbane "Hack and Yak" here are the links brought up on the big screen:
If any of that looks like fun you are welcome to join us on Friday Nov 11th. I will be on hand with a preview of an upcoming GeoTools Workshop. I also hope to start round 1 of uDig vs QGIS challenge (to try and encourage some creativity).

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Amir said...

Thanks for your plan to discuss about ELOGeo in your meeting, we will be pleased to hear from you on future collaborations. Also I have acknowledged your blog post in the ELOGeo blog (at Amir