Monday 8 August 2011

GeoTools Build Instructions

I have spent a bit of time dragging the build instructions out of the developers guide and into the GeoTools "User Guide" under a newly created "advanced" section. It is not that building from source difficult; it is more that is not interesting. Although perhaps that is only true if you already have it working.

So for the proper perspective I tried out the build in Maven 3; updating the instructions with a few tips as I went.

The most interesting is a tip on how to make the build faster using maven 3; surprisingly out of the box the maven 3 builder was slower on my machine. Fiddling with the command line options for parallel build support did eventually result in a pretty interesting speed increase.

The fastest build I managed was:

mvn install -DskipTests -o -T 2C
The above instructions roughly translate as: only build the core library, skip the tests, don't check external servers for new jars, and use two threads per core.

Which has been added the the Building FAQ.

A tip of the hat to Micheal Bedward for reviewing the above pages - Thanks!

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