Thursday 16 December 2010

taking shape

My original thought on this blog was that I spend more time updating docs than writing blog posts. So it would be easier to discuss open source fun while linking to docs.

Today I am going through the uDig release process; with the goal of a 1.2.1 release.

This release should be a really good time technically:
- GeoTools 2.7-M4 (released a couple weeks ago for GeoServer)
- Eclipse 3.6.1 serving as the foundation

If you would like to help out with testing a preview of uDig 1.2.1 is available here:

And our notes during testing:

The other exciting thing about this release is a steady stream of new user visibile features; brought on by the generosity of the udig community.

This was helped along by our move to (and away from svn).  The move from svn was timed perfectly; Refractions was recently unable to restore our old svn repository. We were able to rescue the uDig 1.1.x codebase and it can now also be found on gitorious

As for the original blog idea (and a sneak peak at 1.2.1) here is documentation harmed in the making of this post:

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