Monday 7 December 2009

FOSS4G Presentations are up

The final FOSS4G 2009 press release goes out today announcing the availability of presentations (including some videos) online.

The Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial conference really marks the end-of-year for our software development community. Thanks to the OSGeo foundation and the regional Aust-NZ group for putting on the event. In particular the organisation committee did an excellent job running the conference this year (in the middle of a recession) and not losing money.

Thanks to the sponsors for supporting both the conference and the open source spatial community. Autodesk continues to show great leadership as a gold sponsor - and I was pleased to see the amount of activity around FDO with undertakings like FDO Toolbox bringing this core functionality up to the surface for general use. OpenGeo had an amazing showing as a both a gold sponsor (which is very generous as a non profit) and with numerous well received presentations. My favourite here was a small shell demo of Python and Javascript bindings for core GeoTools functionality. Ingres was also present as a gold sponsor with the exciting announcement of their enterprise open source database (which I would love to see integrated in the rest of the open source stack).

During the conference I did not manage to catch anything from the media sponsors - let us see how that went.

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