Monday 2 March 2009

FOSS4G 2009 In Brief

In brief:
    Workshops 3 hours hands on in a computer lab setting. Why do this? Your ticket to FOSS4G should be paid for; you can bring an assistant and they may also be paid for (depending on profits)
    March 9th
    Tutorial 90 min session in a bring your own laptop setting (hopefully you can use the conference live DVD and/or windows installers). Hands on is recommended; but you can also just talk a lot. So far this is the easiest way to get speaking time at the confernece
    March 9th
    Presentations 30 mins just talking (you can try for a 3 min demo but that is risky). Competition for presentations slots is stiff.
    June 1st
  • (only if I get organized)
    Demo theatre 10 mins showing running software (not slides)
    September 1st

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