Monday 8 December 2008

GeoServer Community Schema Installation

One of the surprises I found working at LISAsoft (and indeed in Australia) is a history of success with the GeoServer Community Schema branch. Previously my best advice to anyone interested in this area was to hunt down Gabriel or Rob and ask them for help.

Mark Leslie was able to point me in the direction of documentation on how to install and configure the GeoServer Community Schema branch. Apparently Rob has been publishing a war file; and this documentation covers how it can be used.

Since this documentation is available under a Creative Commons license I have posted it to the GeoServer wiki (see GeoServer Community Schema Installation).

The concept of a "Community Schema" is important for anyone working with a rich feature model where they are expected to produce out put that confirms with a pre-existing XML Schema. Occasionally governement or standard organizations publish an XML Schema describing a data product that should be made avaialble *exactly* as described.

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