Thursday 14 August 2008

Workbench selection - Who watches the watchmen?

Well you may alread know the answer.

As mentioned a few posts ago; one of the tricky areas to get going on with Eclipse RCP development is understanding how "workbench selection" functions.

Developers usually know what to expect from using the Eclipse IDE - you work away; and the rest of the IDE leaps into action providing more information about the selected method / selected class or selected something.

But how do they do that? And how can we make use of the same facility in uDig development?

I do not want to spoil the fun; please check out a new workbench tutorial on the uDig website, and thanks to Chris Luft for putting this one together. The view you create in this tutorial is really helpful for understanding how things work; and can be used to debug your own applications.

This tutorial really brings home why Eclipse RCP is such an excellent platform for your next project.

Documentation Harmed in the making of this post:
- Workbench Tutorial (Developers Guide)

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